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Web Design

Barkit Marketing combines WordPress and Divi builder to give clients a platform that will enable them to make changes to their website.  If everything goes smoothly, we can redesign or rebuild or website in one week. 

web design

In-House Link Building

We get all aspects of link building done by a team of talented professionals. Barkit has a massive list of guest post websites we go to directly. These get you high-quality links so you can obtain real value for money. 

web design


The passion to start Barkit is from encountering so many businesses that were being held hostage by their web company. Companies that would not give domains, website files, phone numbers, email, and the list goes on.

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Google Algorithm Validation

We can dazzle you with science! To be specific, we use a statistical correlation analysis of the top 100 websites for a keyword. We can see what Google changed so we can make changes to your website.


To get phone calls, you have to be found. Barkit’s goal is to bark so loud you are found at the top of the search engines. We achieve results in several ways.


  • Laser-focused OnSite Technical SEO
  • Link Building is done in-house so we can get our clients more links
  • Google Maps specific link building optimization
  • SEO focused on getting you ranked in your city and surrounding cities.
  • Analyzing your competition
Web Design

Being in the business for 13 years and primarily an SEO company, we just don’t see the point in charging you a crazy amount for a website. Here are the reasons:

  • We love doing web design.
  • We are a SEO company and charging a lot for a site just gets in the way of getting to the important stuff like SEO and getting you leads.
  • Most people don’t like their website.
  • We encounter a lot of WordPress builders that make it hard to do a lot of SEO best practices.
  • There really is not a lot of profit in web design and we don’t want you to go to a web designer.  It will just cause issues when doing your SEO.

Google Maps SEO

The Most Important Part of Google!

There is a lot of myths out there on how to pull up in the 3 pack of Google. Barkit takes the stress out of ranking and will get you results.

  • We have clients who have over 100 keywords pulling up in their town.
  • We have been successful ranking important terms over 15 miles away from their business in the Google Maps 3 pack.

We get Local and want to help you outrank everyone!

Technical SEO

SEO Statistical Correlation

I’m sure you have never heard of this, but it is a game changer. Bottom line, stop reading all of the generic advice of all of the SEO people out there.


Cora is a statistical correlation tool that analyzes a page and its factors compared to  100 sites that you are trying to rank a keyword against.

We are going to dazzle you with science instead of guessing. Doing a search for “SEO Cora audit” you will see firms that charge anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000. The software is so powerful it demands this price. We include a Cora Audit and implementation in every SEO Program.

CityRank SEO

Optimize for over 1,000 keyword phrases i.e. “Dallas plumber near me” “Plano plumber near me” “Richardson plumber near me”

One of the hardest things is to rank for cities outside of your primary location or even zip code. That is where we step in. We have clients rank for prime keywords throughout the whole DFW area. Plumbers and Air Conditioning companies ranking for over 600 phrases in the #1 spot.

The keywords are generally what are called long tail keywords. What is great about them is this is how people talk into their phone. Saying things like “emergency plumber Garland”.