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Local Seo – Google Maps 3 Pack – Technical SEO – Google Validation

In House Link Building

Most SEO companies spend over $100 per link to get your site an article on other websites. We have our own team that is reaching out to get you links, making your budget go much further!

Serious SEO Code

It all starts with Onsite SEO. This is your foundation for success. We use a platform which compares the keyword and location you want to rank for and examine 100 sites that are ranking for that. We then know exactly what code and every little bit of information to rank your website in the top spot.

Google Algorithm Validation

With our scientific Google Analysis Software we can look at the changes Google has made. We then look at your keyword to figure out what exactly needs to be changed.

Google Maps SEO

Our Google Map Strategy is not all based on links, we focus on signals.  Creating these signals is why we get so many of our client’s keywords in the 3 Pack, some over 100 keywords!

Citation Building

Citation or Directory building as some call it is the foundation of your SEO. It proves to Google you are who you say you are. We don’t like Yext and the other mass citation systems. We build all of our citation one at a time by hand! We add photos, different descriptions, schema, videos and whatever else a particular site will allow to get an edge over your competition.

Press Releases

Press Release is proven to give not only your brand a boost but also Google My Business and organic keywords. Yes, we can prove it and there are some tricks we do to ensure you get that boost. 

SEO Audit

We only use CORA, Ahrefs, and Cognitive SEO to do audits. We use CORA because most of the advice on onsite SEO is wrong. They guess. Cora looks at the code of 100 sites to tell us what is working for your exact page. Ahrefs and Cognitive are viewed as the gold standard when it comes to off-page links. 

Mass Pages

We have two styles bulk or unique.